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Business Law

From personal experience, Ray understands fully that owning and operating a business, while extremely rewarding, is demanding, difficult, and oftentimes stressful work. This rather unique perspective as an attorney affords him the benefit of being sensitive to and truly understanding of the very particular concerns and needs of his business clients. Closely-held businesses, both large and small, face many issues in their operations. Each day, new and different challenges appear. Strategic planning to address details such as taxes, capital needs and growth is critical in controlling the direction and performance of the business. The ability to face these challenges and issues with innovative and effective solutions can make the difference between success and failure. Whether the business is owned by an individual, several family members, or other business partners, Ray is dedicated to helping his business clients achieve their respective goals, providing sound legal counsel for the purposes of growing their businesses through acquisitions, seeking private, commercial or public financing, positioning for a sale to a new ownership group, or successfully transitioning to the next generation.