Whether one is concerned with planning or administrating an estate, or starting and operating a closely-held business, the legal issues involved are often very complicated and in-depth. Regardless of how overwhelming the required courses of action may seem, Attorney Raymond A. Colla, Jr. is here to help you and your family by providing sound counsel, expert guidance and sage advice regarding all of the legal issues, processes and steps along the way.

Ray is, above all else:

  • A compassionate counselor – Ray endeavors to relieve his clients’ stresses and worries as he addresses their legal concerns and the issues they are facing.
  • An innovative thinker – Ray’s legal experience, combined with his own business experience, has given him insight into estate planning and business law that he applies in creating thorough legal strategies designed to address his clients’ estate planning, probate and business planning needs and goals.
  • Eager to work one-on-one with you – Ray understands and believes that it is essential to personally sit down and meet with his clients and, through active listening and communication, determine what issues they are faced with and what their overall goals and desires are, mutually working with them to effectuate a plan that thoroughly addresses all of these.
  • An ethical practitioner – in representing his clients, Ray at all times holds himself to the highest ethical standards, and practices with the utmost level of professionalism.

Ray represents his clients in the following major, focused practice areas:

  • Estate planning – Ray prepares wills, trusts (both revocable “living” trusts and various irrevocable, tax-driven trusts), powers of attorney, living wills, and health care directives, as well as engages in complex estate and gift tax planning, designing innovative means to accomplish his clients’ estate and tax planning objectives.
  • Probate administration – Ray represents decedents’ estate representatives (executors and administrators) in all aspects of the complicated probate administration process, including the preparation and filing of all required probate documents, as well as all requisite federal and state estate tax returns.
  • Business law — Ray represents closely-held business owners with respect to all aspects of business formation and start-up (including tax and non-tax considerations regarding choice of entity decisions), business expansion and financing, purchases of existing businesses, business succession planning to future generations, and sales of businesses to existing management and other new owners.

Across these areas of practice, Ray endeavors at all times to ease the stress and concerns of his clients and assist them in focusing objectively on effective, beneficial solutions to the legal issues they are facing.